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Topic: Custom Pico Projector Design
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Greetings all,

I am a projection designer based in Phoenix AZ and I am currently researching various pico models and small format modules from companies all over.

I have been designing unique projection mapping for themed bars and have ran into difficulties finding units that fit my needs well. I'm interested in any insights people might have on this. Traditionally I would work with larger units in more open spaces, but these are small intimate experiences.

Currently I place tiny pico projectors in the ceiling of our space to vertically map statues and carved structures which light them, and bring them to life for various dynamic moments that occur. I turn the projectors on their side, and have been testing with several different brands.

I've dealt with fan failure from poor fan design (because of the projector angle over time) as a main concern, but otherwise the AAXA units tend to work ok, as well as the EPSON mini laser units.

I've researched and reached out to the asian manufacturers of the projection dlp modules directly in hopes to develop or create a unit that perfectly suits my needs. Mainly because I would rather create a custom housing for those modules that allows the lens to get into a perfect location for hiding them.

I'm curious if anyone has any experience with a similar situation of using pico projection in permanent installations, or insights.