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Topic: Looking for a compressor/limiter
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There was an old thread on these boards YEARS ago, over a decade at this point, about how to build your own compressor/limiter to put in a commercial amp rack. I tried searching the boards but couldn't find it. Does anyone know anything similar or something sub $100 I can use at home?
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I don't remember that one at all. I imagine instead of building one yourself, you could always pick up something like this instead:

Price is right. I'm not sure how the quality would stack up against a DiY version.

You could also pick up a used DSP from eBay and hook everything up through that. It may have a better set of hardware inside of it.

eBay also has a ton of models which may be worth at least researching as there are a ton which are well under 100 bucks. I've never used them myself.
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