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Topic: What projector has an optical zoom function and accepts SD cards?
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I just got the Viewsonic m1 but notice now that it doesn't have a zoom function. (dont worry I can return it). I really like the cute portable device, but the screen won't fit from where it is. (It will be in our small camper trailer on the other side of the wall) The output screen is too big from that length. It's about 7 feet away from a 40inch projection screen. At about 3.5 feet away from the wall it would work, but that is where the bed is.

Now question A> Is there a projector that has all the functions that this one has like accepting SD cards and USB flash drives, but that also can zoom in and out. Because after extensive searching I can only seem to find one or the other. Which really baffles me.

Question B> Is there a lens or something I can add on to make the projector work. I certainly can't move the projector closer.

Question C> Why do almost no projectors have a zoom function? I don't see why it would be so hard to add a adjustable lens on the end. I could care less if it's a little extra, it's a pretty important feature.
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Almost ALL quality projectors have zoom. Projectors are made for 100"+ screen sizes, so what you are really looking at are portable models which aren't intended for flexibility or much else. They are kind of like toys. Some may offer digital zoom, but they won't have a $200 lens when the projector isn't all that expensive.

Get a projector with the proper zoom lens, then get a media player for it. Media players can connect via HDMI or can often plug right into the projector. They range from $20 to $100 or so depending on the quality of media player that you would like.
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