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Topic: Need advice on projector type
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Complete newbie to projectors. I want to add projection mapping to my animated musical Christmas display next year. Not sure exactly what I want the projection to do, but I do know I need to figure out what type of projector I need first.

The plan is to project on one or both of my garage doors from one side of the driveway or the other. So obviously the projector will not be at 90 degrees from the doors but more like 45 degrees. See the attached photo with rough dimensions of the distances from either of the two projector positions. The doors are both dark brown and the house is tan colored.

I know enough to be dangerous about projectors….standard throw, short throw, ultra short throw, etc. I am sure I need at least 4000 lumens maybe more. Keep in mind the coach lights on the garage will be off and the street ambient lighting is very minimal. The Christmas lights themselves are all off to the left in the landscaping so that lighting should be minor as well. And the moon is just a bonus!!

What are your thoughts as to the specs I need for the projector? Throw, lumens, halogen, laser, etc? I would like to keep it around $1500 or so. Appreciate all of your thoughts. Thanks


Distances from each potential position

697 × 379 pixels (164.06 KB)
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You need a projector to be as far back as possible and as close to the center of projection as possible. Keystoning will throw away brightness quite a bit.

I might look used for a bright Epson model and use that. It will be brighter than DLP models with better color accuracy. You MUST bring it in during any 'weather' event.
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