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Topic: thin, faint horizontal red flashes
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Weeks after the bulb replacement message appeared, we noticed a red horizontal thin line flashing mostly through dark scenes.
Over the past week or so, the issue has deteriorated slightly, with the issue now occurring every 20-60 seconds or so.
It's not ruining our viewing - yet - but it looks like this will become a major issue.

I remember my old Optoma started showing red lines after a few years, and if I'm not mistaken, they had to 'realign the mirrors'.

Could this be something similar? Is it worth a repair? Can I do it myself? Or is it a write-off?
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It may not be something that can be fixed by anything easy. If it continues, I would look at FixItFrank videos on YouTube and might tear down the projector, give it a FULL cleaning, very carefully, ensure all cables are seated properly and fully, then put it all back together and see if it is working 100%. It is likely to take several hours, or maybe a full day of effort to do really well.

It could be something in the electronics which is going bad, but it could be a bad connection that just needs to be cleaned up and reseated.
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