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Topic: Eiki "Abnormal Condition" Error
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Projector Specs
I have an Eiki LC-X80 which is shutting down and giving indicator lights that suggest an "abnormal condition." I've seen this with a work projector of a similar model and had to send it in to an official Eiki repair shot to get it fixed, but that's cost prohibitive at this point on such an old PJ. I was wondering if anybody had any insight into the nature of the problem or what might be attempted to fix this issue.

Here is the full description of the issue from the manual.

"The projector detects an abnormal condition and cannot be
turned on. Unplug the AC power cord and plug it again to turn
on the projector. If the projector is turned off again, unplug the
AC power cord and contact the dealer or the service center.
Do not leave the projector on. It may cause an electric shock
or a fire hazard."

Any insight would be appreciated.
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There is no way for anyone to tell you what the issue is. It could be a failing power supply, it could be a popped capacitor or a failing ballast. It could be a fan that is acting up. There are hundreds of electronic components inside your projector, and it can't be narrowed down to a single solution online.

If you want, you could take the projector apart yourself, clean it out carefully, look for any damage you can find, then put it back together yourself. It's a lot of work, but FixItFrank on YouTube has some great videos that cover a lot of this type of work. What's the worse that could happen? Well, don't shock yourself. But, it can't get much more broken than it already is.
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