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Topic: Calibration issue or fault?
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Please see the image provided. It is from a 3lcd projector.

The top calibration bars should not have any colouring, the rest of the whites on screen do not so why is it occuring?

Is my projector faulty or can I remove it somehow through calibration? I am using an Epson home cinema 3200 or tw7000 here in Europe.


Red tones

1080 × 449 pixels (134.50 KB)
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That's a new one to me. I haven't seen anything that is that far off on colors ever. I might return it, or at the very least let Epson know what is going on.

If that's a 'video' from YouTube, you may want to try to find a still image of that picture and put it on a laptop, and then send a still image to your projector. YouTube has horrendous compression at times which is less than ideal for actual calibration. A PC may do a better job with a high resolution graphic.
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