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Topic: Should I buy a SAMSUNG P9 and VIVIDSTORM ALR screen set?
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Hi everyone~I am thinking of upgrade my home theater and Samsung had just released a hometheater set in Korea which include a P9 short throw projector , a Vividstorm ALR screen and a Livart cabinet. There are already some review videos on the internet, the effects on those videos seems great , expectially the nice and clean lines with the cabinet , I think they really put a lot of efforts in it... What's relly tinkling in my brain is they have a huge event coming in this month, but it's still a big money to me , so I was wondering if you guys could give me some advice on this , is it really wort it? or should I just go buy these products seperatly?
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Depends on the type of room you are putting it into. This type of projector and screen is perfectly fine for a room with a bit of ambient light in it and white walls/ceiling and some lights on. It looks good. It will NOT look great. It's impressive the size you get, and it compares well to other projectors that may be setup in the same type of environment.

That said, it is never ideal to setup a projector in that type of room and you will not match the quality of a good LCD or OLED display in that type of room.

If your room is a dark 'theater' space, then this isn't the direction I would ever recommend anyone to go. A traditional projector will have a better overall image and cost less money. You wouldn't need, or want, an ALR screen if you have a good room.

So, all of this depends on your room and how much you are willing to put up with the inherent limitations of front projection.
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