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Topic: Epson PowerLite 2250U discontinued soon?
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I was going to buy some Epson PowerLite 2250U projectors for my school, but I noticed that they came out in 2017, and in my experience Epson usually comes out with new models every 3-4 years. Does anyone know if there's a replacement in the works?
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I would have a very hard time recommending any of the traditional lamp models of Epson projectors vs. their laser based models like the L255F which is similarly priced and eliminates the cost and maintenance associated with lamp replacements which are typical.

As for a replacement for the 2250, I wouldn't really expect it. It is possible if they are nearing end of life for certain products, but there is nothing specific about the 2250 which would lead me to replace it with a new model anytime in the next few years. Support for 4K, would be 'decent', but most laptops can't do 4K and should NOT do 4K in any typical situation.
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