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Topic: Epson 3200 Sound… Help!
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I’m in serious need of tech support…

I bought an Epson 3200 (on recommendation from folks here), it’s a great projector but I’m having major audio problems. The sound is hard to describe, but it’s basically this horrible white noise that is almost unbearable at any decent volume. Kind of sounds like a futuristic machine gun.

I’ve tried a lot to fix this, including plugging it into different systems (stereo receiver, Bose speaker), and connecting a Bluetooth speaker, nothing seems to work. I have an Apple TV (4th gen) that’s it’s connected to, and I’ve tried all sorts of setting adjustments on that too — nothing. I also tried plugging it directly in to the wall (it was initially on an extension cord) and tried different outlets in the house, thinking it might be an electrical grounding issue. Nothing helped.

Then, thinking it might be a busted projector (I ran tests on all the audio systems and they work great without the projector), I returned the projector and got a new one, only to find it does that same thing.

Help!!! I have no idea how to fix it and my only option now seems to get a different projector, but I’ve done a lot do research and this one seems to be perfect for what we're looking for. Am I just out of luck?
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You should not be using the projector at all for sound output.

I will ask if you've used a different connection from the projector to your audio equipment. RCA cables are notorious for shorting out and introducing noise into a system, so analog audio cables should be kept very short and used only when absolutely necessary.

All that said, it is never recommended to use the projector as the source for your audio, as you will be limited to stereo audio at best.

Instead, run your HDMI sources into an AV receiver and use that as your central point for source switching and audio control. This may not be ideal, but is realistically the best option and the most common solution to audio inside any home theater. It doesn't need to be an expensive receiver, just a unit with HDMI connectivity with 4K support.

For example:

Otherwise, you can try a HDMI audio extractor in front of the projector. Only a couple models I'm aware of with volume control built in and it doesn't have a remote control...
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