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Topic: best projector posdible
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hi im after a projector 4k preferably in not 1080p

my room is is 12 feet depth 16 feet wide 16 feet high they are dark grey walls
i want a projector for the dimensions of this room it will be put back 12 feet from the wall i want the best possible 4k image quality and 1080p possible for a room this size i want it to reach in total screen size 150 inches with the latest updated specs on it

what projector for this space would you recommend

what 4k projector would give me the very best picture quality possible for this size room
also same for a 1080p projector as well thanks
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With 12' of depth total, which means 10.5' of depth, you are in the short throw range, which is EXTREMELY limiting to your choices. Like completely limiting.

Basically, the BenQ TX700STi is the only model which is a reasonable price which can do 4K and deliver a 150" diagonal from 10.5' lens to screen (throw distance).

Here is the search criteria I used...<g=&ll=&wr=&dt=&mfg=&p=100&p=5000&t=&pjl=0&pjw=0&pjh=0&exp4=1&td=10.5&is=150&i=d&tr=&tr2=&exp5=1&oop=1&sort=pop&sz=15#list

Here is the BenQ:

It can throw a 150" diagonal screen size from 9'9" to 11'9" away.
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