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Topic: epson 5040ub query
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i am at the moment buying a epson 5040ub projector

my question if i put the projector 12 feet away from the wall what size screen image size diagonal will i get in throw ratio thanks
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According to your other post, you really only have 12' from wall to wall, so your throw distance is measured from LENS to SCREEN. So, it is more like a 10' throw distance with that projector as it is a very large model.

There is a handy tool called the Projection Calculator which you should learn to use, as it answers the question for you...

That said, with 10' lens to screen, you get an image diagonal between 49" and 102" diagonal. If you want to get larger, like that 150" size you mentioned in your other post, then you need at least 15' from lens to screen to accomplish it.
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