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Topic: Same aspect ratio on PC and on the wall
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I have images on my PC with an aspect ratio (1668x2224) of 1.3
but when i project them on the wall the ratio turns into 1.25
Do you know how can I keep the aspect ratio of 1.3 (that is the same I have on the computer screen)?

Thanks very much for your help.

My Best.
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You must output from the computer a resolution which the projector supports. From there, you set your projector to a 1:1 aspect ratio.

It is possible that the projector doesn't like the incoming resolution, or that it is manipulating the aspect ratio internally to the projector.

You can't just throw any resolution at a projector, or any display, and expect that resolution to be supported. You typically would work within a 1920x1080 space, or a specific resolution, then create a window within that space which fits your needs. You would almost always maximize resolution to specifically match either the height or the width (whichever is greater) when creating your content/window so that the display can get the most use of the pixels in the space.

So, if you have a height of 2224 pixels, then that is more than ANY display I'm aware of is capable of presenting. In reality, you should have it at 1200 pixels, or 1080 pixels... or whatever the actual vertical resolution of your display is.

It is always helpful when asking a question about a projector, to actually say which projector you are using so you can get much more specific answers.
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