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Topic: Setup Ceiling Mount Epson 1060
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Using the calculator at projector central, image attached. I've created the required set up for my ceiling mounted projector I believe. My ceiling in the room is 9' high. I can install the screen at that height or up to 2' less.
The diagional width of my screen is 84".
My question is what type of ceiling mount in terms of being able to drop my projector lower should I get? So I can center the picture vertically. I've seen some mounts with close to 2' drops.
Thanks for help.


Ceiling mount setup

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I would hit up eBay and pick up a Chief RPMAU and then go to Home Depot/Lowes and pick up a 1.5" metal plumbing flange and a piece of pipe that is the length you need to drop it from the ceiling. You can get it from a couple of inches to 10 feet or longer if you needed it (you don't). A quality mount allows for placement at any height you desire, it allows for flexibility in placement, and it allows for very fine tuning of the projector for exact alignment with the screen.

The RPMAU often costs $200 new, but they come up on eBay for $100 fairly often.


Please note that if you ever want to sell it or anything, you can often get your $100 back as this has been the going price of these mounts for at least 10 years on the 'used' market. Plus, they will work with about every projector out there.
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