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Topic: No video to LG HU70LAB from Sony STR-DN1080
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I watch media using my LG HU70LAB just fine with my Sony STR-DN1080 sound system as long as the video is coming from the projector. Whether it be through it's smart features or through a Firestick that I have in HDMI 2 on the projector.
If I try to use a device that is connected to the Receiver or even try to go to my receiver's "Home" screen the image does not come through the projector and says "No Signal". I only have sound at that point, no video.
I've tried my Xbox, Apple TV, and Firestick through the receiver, but I never get a picture. I thought it was the cable and had another sent to me, but I still get the same results ("12m Ultra-Slim HDMI Active Optical Fiber Cable 2.0"

Am I missing something with the HDMI? Or has anyone had similar experience with the receiver or projector?

I have tried several solutions to similar experiences, messed with the settings, and factory reset many times, with no luck. Please help!
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Make sure that the HDMI cable you are using is pointed in the proper direction. The end labeled 'SOURCE' should be at the Sony side of things and the 'Display' side is the projector.

You may also want to try moving the projector so it is right next to the Sony and using a short 4K HDMI cable to it. Just a 6 footer or so. This way you can ensure that the Sony is pushing out video to the projector.

This sounds like it may be a wiring issue so you should try hooking a source up to the HDMI cable directly. If you don't see video using a standard video source, like a cable box, or game system, then the cable is the issue.

If you do see a source when sending video down the HDMI cable, then that points to the Sony being the issue.

Make sure all sources connected to the Sony are using 4K certified 18Gb/s cables.

Most AV receivers also have a on-screen setup and menu functionality. So, even if you aren't seeing video, you should see the Sony setup.

If you do see the Sony setup, then you will need to review your Sony manual carefully to determine how to setup their receiver with your sources.
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