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Topic: Straight ahead projection?
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Hello, new here and getting straight to it.

I tried out my Optoma HD27e projector and had it set up on a shelf about 4 1/2 feet from the floor to project onto my 138" scree on my 7 foot wall(height) I would think the image would be pretty much centered on the screen, but the top half is about 35 inches past the top of the screen and onto the ceiling. I have to tilt it forwards a LOT and use almost all the keystone correction to make it fit the screen. Otherwise I have to almost sit the projector on the floor to get the image to stay centered on the screen. What is happening here?

I would assume if it were on a table, level and pointed directly to the middle of the screen, it would be ok, it's like the projector is casting the image up instead of straight ahead, even though the projector is level and pointed almost to the center of the screen.

My old Vankyo did not do this, it shoots the image straight ahead with minor adjustments. And no I don't want to use a ton of Keystone to correct this. Maybe the lens is not set right in the projector? might it be defective?

Thanks for any information and I hope I explained what is going on.
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ALL top tier manufacturers build in offset. This is a standard thing on good projectors. This is because the VAST majority of people in the world set their projectors on a table or they mount them on the ceiling. This means the image is projected upwards, when table mounted, or downwards, when ceiling mounted, to hit the screen.

This is detailed in your owner's manual on page 44.

It is also shown on the Projection Calculator that this specific model must be 11" below the bottom of the screen on a 138" diagonal...

Since no quality projectors without lens shift allow for this, you will either need to move the projector much higher, and flip it over (ceiling mount is typical) or move it down much lower.

OR - Get a projector which has a good deal of lens shift like the Epson 3200, or similar.
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