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Topic: Recommendation to fill large space with fixed throw distance
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I am trying to fill a space that is 8 feet x 15 feet with a projector image. My throw distance is 9 feet. Can anyone recommend a projector that can fill this space? I have to be at 9 feet because I am projecting from a ceiling down to a floor so the projector must be 9 feet from the floor. This is for an interactive play area on a floor.

My research so far has come up with the NEC PA653U which looks like it will give me 12.5 feet x 7.8 feet.

Does anyone have a better recommendation? I am not very familiar with short throw projectors if that would be better.
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You aren't going to get there inexpensively. You really need a ultra short throw model and with a image size of about 120 square feet you will need to carefully consider the brightness of the room to get enough usable light on the ground.

But, in reality, your fight will be the need for the throw distance.

The best option is a projector model which supports a .5x -.7x throw distance. (throw distance to screen width is the .5x to .7x). At 9 feet, your exact throw distance is .6x.

Be aware, many projectors can't be placed in a vertical orientation. In setups like this, it is common to mount the projector horizontally, then use a mirror to bounce the image towards the ground. It also keeps 3 feet of projector depth to be hanging downwards into the room.

There are some newer projectors which are finally coming out with very short throw zoom lenses. But, you can expect to pay $2,000 or more for the lens alone. But, a model like this comes close:

You can get the ELP-LU03 lens, and it can hit 15' wide from about 10' lens to screen, so a mirror about 1' out will give you 10'.

Note: When searching by feature, you quickly get into expensive models with interchangeable lenses which can do your 15' width from 9' throw (lens to screen)...<g=&ll=&wr=&dt=&mfg=&p=&t=&pjl=0&pjw=0&pjh=0&exp4=1&td=9&is=180&i=w&tr=&tr2=&exp5=1&oop=2&sort=%24&sz=15#list

The exception, is the Canon Realis WU400ST which is a unique model.

Make sure brightness and throw distance works in the space.
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