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Topic: screen size limited by image size
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my projector location is fixed, the largest image a can have in the room is 106 in. I do not see many 106 in screens currently. Should I get 100 in or 110 in screen or wait till i find a 106 in screen that fits my budget. what screen recommend for $200 budget
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I'm assuming you already have a projector? Since all projectors have different throw ratios, a different projector could provide a much different image size. If you don't own already, you may want to consider a different model.

Not sure what kind of screen you want. I always recommend fixed frame screens as they deliver, by far, the most bang for the buck. Very high quality for not a ton of cash.

Cheap roll up screens are garbage. They develop waves and really look terrible within a couple of years. So, you basically are throwing money away.

I'm a big fan of Silver Ticket screens for entry level setups. Great product for the money, and well built.

So, it hits your target budget.

Silver Ticket has their own website, but it tends to match what Amazon is selling. Please look through both for 106" options.

Another option, which costs about 50 bucks more is the SableFrame from Elite Screens. Overall, very similar build quality.

They have a 106" model available from a number of sellers.
$258 from Adorama (respected seller)

Which size should you get? I would get the size that is appropriate for your room and your seating distance. If your projector is wrong for your setup, I might consider selling it and buying one which can deliver the proper image size for your seating distance. Maybe.

As I said earlier... I'm not sure what you are really working with.
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