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Topic: Cheap Compact Chargeable Programmable Outdoor Laser Projector
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Hi everyone,

I want to create laser shows for my country property. I want to be able to project onto a building from about 30-50m away. I want the projector to be chargeable/ battery option and as cheap as possible - pref under $100. I want it to be programmable - i.e. I want to be able to create my own messages and animations. Also, it would be good if it was compact.

If there isn't anything like this on the market, I'd be happy to make one if there is a DIY option.

Thanks for any tips!
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You may want to try a staging manufacturer and perhaps a staging and performance forum.

The projectors we are discussing here are video projectors to show movies and presentations, not laser light show models used by some staging setups.
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