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Topic: Do I really need a 4k projector screen (specs below)
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Do I really need a 4k Projector screen or a regular 1080p would work just fine with a 4k projector.

Current Projector - Optoma UHD60

Current screen - Elunevision 100" Triton (Will upgrade to 120
Screen material - Cinema White 1.2 Gain

I'm planning to increase the size to 120" and evaluating whether I should stick with this price range ($250 USD) of screens that are not classified formally as 4k or go with a much higher price ($700-1000 USD) just for the 4k tag.

How big of a difference does it make to go with a 4k projector screen?
I read many posts and reviews which has different opinions but if it is not a big difference to the eye, I would prefer avoiding spending a big amount just a tag of 4k screen.

As of now, I really enjoy the 4k picture displayed on the Triton screen.
It's hard to see the difference without actually buying & installing the screen which is a pain I'm trying to avoid.

Any suggestions are welcome.
Thank you.
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It all depends on the material that you are using and the qualities of it. Some cheap screens use very poor quality materials. Other screens have decent materials, but a lot of 'texture' to them which can take away from the image quality.

The smoother the material with high dispertion and low reflectivity, the better. That is easier said than done. That is, once a screen appears smooth, it tends to be more reflective, which introduces hot spotting and sparkling. So, it is a more difficult process to deliver.

Still, many people can barely see any real benefit to 4K resolution. You get much more quality from a 1080p projector with higher contrast and better color saturation with HDR capabilities.

Still, with a reasonably good screen material that is mostly smooth, I wouldn't spring extra for a 4K specialty screen unless I was dealing with a dedicated space and high value electronics.

A entry level 4K projector isn't going to deliver the way mid-tier or better projector will deliver and overspending on screen could be considered wasteful. Especially on a roll up screen.

That said, I do swear by the DaLite HD Progressive materials. Have fun pricing those out.
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I think that if you want to pursue a better picture quality experience, a 4k screen is very necessary.
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There's technically no such thing as a 4k screen. All you have are buzzwords trying to sell product to uneducated consumers. Are there some OLD screens out there that have too much texture? Sure. But a "1080p" screen from 5 years ago isn't going to somehow not provide adequate picture quality if you upgrade to a 4k projector.

Keep in mind that a 120" screen with a 4k image works out to <37 ppi. It would take something substantially coarse to disrupt an image like that. How many "bumps" per inch is this screen going to have? No screen will be perfectly smooth--all fabrics have texture if you zoom in far enough. But if you have double the count per inch (say 70+)--you're pretty much guaranteed a uniform looking image.

My $.02