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Topic: Beamer-Position
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Hi everybody and happy new year!
I redisigned my 220 degree curved screen. I run Immersive display. I‘m nor sure about placing my 3 beamer...

I thought about 2 options. I attached a picture, to explain it...

As you can see, in option 1, I put the picture perpendicular to the screen. Unfortunately, the room height isn‘t big enough. So I get shadows because of my cockpit-shell.

Is it possible to make it the way of option 2? I‘m not sure about that, because the beamer on the left and the beamer on the right side project the picture aslant to the screen.

Is every option with immersive display okay or do I get problems with option 2?

Thanks a lot for your help!!

Best regards,
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Photo to explain

844 × 1220 pixels (99.01 KB)
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Everything completely depends on the make and model of the projector you are using. In reality, you are going to have focus issues because projectors are designed to project onto a flat plane. Anything in front of, or behind, that plane will be more and more out of focus.

You also will be projecting onto a curved plane, which will introduce warping into the image, which will need to be corrected for.

I'm not sure how many projectors offer the short throw you need along with warping capabilities, but it is worth consideration to look for if you don't have the projectors already.

If you do, then any functionality and loss in image quality due to needing to apply both horizontal and vertical keystone correction should be considered. Some projectors offer 4-corner keystone adjustment, and that is what likely will be necessary if you locate the projectors slightly off to the side of center. Be aware, that this impacts throw distance as well.
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