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Topic: Splitting to TV and projector simultaneously, HOW?
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Im trying to rig it so my appletv4k can be playing to 1080tv and projector at same time.
I have the tv behind the pull down projector screen but want to able to just use tv if I want without having to switch sources.
As the appletv4k only has one hdmi output ive put it into an dmi matrix and ran one output to the projector and one to the tv.
But as soon as the hdmi to the tv is included in any way, even if the matrix switch to that output is off or the tv is off or whatever, appletv4k automatically resets itself to sending 1080 to the projector.

Ideally id like a splitter so the appletv4k and some games go to the matrix and with one output it sends video to the tv and projector simultaneoulsy so I only have to switch one source, not a source in each output.

Any ideas??

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I'm not sure what projector you have or what TV you actually have.

If your projector is 4K and the TV is 1080p, then your resolution will be limited by the TV to 1080p.

So, the solution is to use a scaler/splitter which will split a HDMI source to two different displays with different resolutions.

Like this:

If both displays support full 4K resolution, then just a basic HDMI splitter is all you need.

Typically, a home theater will have a surround sound receiver and other devices as part of the setup to make everything work, so I'm not entirely sure what your setup is.

If you want to hook up several different sources, then you would want a HDMI switcher as part of the setup as well. At the point when you are talking about all of these devices, I would STRONGLY recommend a decent AV receiver and proper surround sound setup as part of the overall solution.
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