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Topic: Optoma UHD60 + Apple TV 4K | Unexpected streaks in lighter areas (skies, etc)
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I have a glitch when playing HDR content using the HDR mode on the projector. On wide homogeneous areas, all highlights with subtle fades display as non-linear streaks of color. The most common case is bright skies. Instead of having a smooth fade from bright tones (sun or clouds) to darker blue in the sky, the transition is harsh creating thick streaks, jumping abruptly from one hue to the next. This is accentuated by camera movements, which move the streaks around and make the skies flicker.

Playing with various image settings has limited effect only. For instance, the streaks are a bit thinner when using the HDR mode "Detail" and not as harsh when "Brilliant Color" is set to a lower value, but I'm still not able to get rid of them entirely.

The issue does not occur when HDR is disabled (on non-HDR content). No other issue is observed on the image, anything darker is fine and anything with rich detail displays as expected. This really just affects lighter, wide areas which are supposed to have subtle fades (like skies).

The projector is connected to an Apple TV 4K HDR, Chroma set to 4:4:4 and match dynamic range is set to "On". Playing with various settings on Apple TV didn't yield significant results either.

Any idea as to what is happening?