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Topic: How to hang my screen?
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I got a 150" 16:9 projector screen with grommets. A PVC frame is not an option and I was wondering what other options do I have. I want to to setup the screen in a way that there is no sag and it is stretched out nicely.

I am thinking about getting four self adhesive wall hooks with 20lb max strength [lifting capacity] for each hook and put them on 4 corners of the wall. Then I can get mini rope and run it through and thorough the grommets and tie the 4 corners to these hooks.

I am paranoid that the above could still create sag or maybe due to the force/tension in the rope perhaps rip the adhesive hook off of the wall? But each has 20lb lift capacity so I wonder if the tension would be an issue.

Any suggestions?
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I would run over to AVS Forum and ask for some more detailed advice over there. Almost always frames are made of some solid material. Home builds are most often done with 1x3 wood members with a central support and bracing to avoid sag.

I don't think what you are proposing will work well at all. The grommets really are designed to be individually tensioned with bungees.

Like these:

Lace and grommet screens are really designed for some DiY frame solution. Otherwise, it is almost always far more economical to get a fully built, and properly edged frame from a company like Silver Ticket.
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