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Topic: Where do I find the model number to ASK Proxima projector
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Hello. We have the Ask Proxima projector that needs replacement lamps and we cannot find the model number to this machine to order the right lamps. Does anyone know how we could find this?
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Often manufacturers put the label for the projector in an inconvenient location that ends up under the mounting plate for the projector itself if it is ceiling mounted.

There are many projectors though that you can find the model number through the menu system. There is often an 'info' page.

Though, I would expect that the same projector manufacturers that aren't bright enough to put a model number on the back of the projector also aren't bright enough to put a info page in the menu system of the projector.

Pull the projector down, and perhaps pull the projector mounting plate off the bottom of the projector and look for the identification sticker there.
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