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Topic: Need help with a calculation
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Screen size - 150 inch diagonal (16:9)

Projector model: Optoma HD200X-LV (Full HD 1080p). Projector ceiling mounted at the back of the room.

Calculation: if I want to fill the entire screen space of 150 inch diagonal, what is the MINIMUM distance that I can have between the screen and the projector lens? I am asking this question because the room that I have is a bit small but still large somewhat, and I would like to be able to fill the entire projector screen.

Projector spec sheet below:
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That projector has the same throw ratio as the HD200X which is on the calculator here:

While it's not my first choice, it will do alright with that screen size in a dark room. I would typically recommend a screen with a bit of positive gain.

You can achieve a 150" diagonal with a lens to screen distance between 16'4" to 19'8". The lens needs to be about 1 foot above the top of the screen.
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