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Topic: Need screen advice - JVC NX5 Projector in dark room
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Hey all,

It looks like there a lot of options out there for a projector screen. I did some research but it seems I still need some help to narrow down my options.

Let me describe my situation and some of my requirements.

- I have a dedicated home theater room that has dark gray walls and roof
- The room has no windows and is light controlled
- I will be getting a JVC NX5 projector which has very good dark levels and is native 4K
- I have 3 seats that are about 10' away from the viewing screen

- looking for 2.35:1 cinemascope screen
- Size should be no more then 125"
- My budget for the screen is less then $800 CDN (not USD)
- Want a screen to match projector performance and room conditions so I think the gain I'm looking for is 1.0 (I think?)
- I would prefer to get a screen that provides a wall mount that has the ability to slide (need it to slide about 25"). I am very handy and can build my own frame but after building my entire basement single handed I want a break , so willing to spend money not to DIY. However if I can build a very high quality screen for a small fraction I could convince myself to DIY
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After years of doing this, I find that if you have a good room like you have, you either get a great screen like a DaLite with their HD Progressive material...

Which is way out of budget.

Or you get a basic white screen from China which has a decent aluminum frame and a good black border with decent mounting.

I've been using the Silver Ticket screens off of Amazon and they work very well. They sit on hooks at the top with bottom hooks to tension the screen.

Be aware that none really 'slide'. They are anchored top and bottom for a stable installation and no screen sag, which is important.

You can typically pop them off the wall like a picture easily enough, but sliding them is not easily done.

Just as a side note... I always feel obliged to ask if people who say they are going to get a 2.35 screen, if they've fully considered that their projector is natively 16:9, not 2.35. So, unless you are using an anamorphic lens, you will need to constantly switch between 16:9 and 2.35 lens presets with the projector making all your 16:9 content smaller. There is NO quality gain by using a 2.35 screen instead of a 16:9 screen of the same width without using an anamophic lens.

I typically recommend 16:9 screens for a reason.
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I am using Elite Screens 120-inch Projector Screen and it works awesome in a dark room as well. Brought it few weeks ago and quite happy with its performance.

However, it also depends upon your budget (which is good), as some people hardly spend 50$ on a screen and some try the DIY processes. Let me know if you still need further information.
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