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Topic: Choosing projector with large throw
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Hello! We bought our house last year and there was already a setup for a home cinema in the basement but the owners left with the projector.

So I need something that would fit with the already set up screen and casing for the projector on the ceiling (all the cables are already passed in the roof from the projecting box to the speakers and the screen is mounted in the ceiling so it would be a big hassle to move either).

The screen is about 200cm x 150cm and the projector should be about 425cm away.

I was looking at the BenQ HT2050A but the throw seems shorter... Can it still fit with a good image?

Any other suggestions with a budjet lower than 1000 usd $?

I know nothing about projectors... so sorry if it's a stupid question

Thank you!
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I'm not sure if you are in the USA. You have a very long throw distance. Over 2:1, which isn't typical. I'm not sure what they had in place before.

A serious issue is that the screen is straight out of 1999. It sounds like it is a 4:3 aspect ratio. Like a 300 pound tube television. Remember those? Well, they've been a bit out of date for the last 20 years (or so) and the screen won't properly fit a 16:9 image top to bottom. So, you need something which can fill 200cm from about 425cm away.

First: Measurements matter a great deal. So, pull out the tape measure and find out 100% what the width of the screen is. Also, find out how far it will be from the FRONT OF THE LENS to the screen. This measurement can be off a bit. If the center of the mounting location is 425cm away, then the lens will be closer by maybe 10cm. If the back of the room is 425cm away, then the lens will be closer to 400cm or so.

Using the numbers you provided, the following models will do it:<g=&ll=&wr=&dt=&mfg=&p=300&p=1600&t=&pjl=0&pjw=0&pjh=0&exp4=1&td=13.94&is=78.74&i=w&tr=&tr2=&exp5=1&oop=1&sort=pop&sz=15#top

It's about a 90 inch diagonal you will have from about a 14 foot throw distance.

It is worth saying, that by today's standards, that's REALLY small. I can buy a 86" diagonal television for about $2,500.

But, I don't think you are in the USA (what with metric and all).

So, my recommendation as a BEST purchase would be the Epson 3200.

If you have access to the Epson Refurbished website and can buy that way, the Epson 5040 is a phenomenal purchase. A bit over $1,000, but well worth the couple hundred bucks.

There are a few under $1,000, but you will find things won't likely line up perfect and you will have to use keystone correction, which isn't desirable.

If you can't get the 5040, then definitely the Epson 3200 would be my recommendation.

As a value buy, the Epson 2150 will work as well.
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