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Topic: Mounting Hardware
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Just bought a home and excited to setup our projector (Epson 5040UB). Home already had 106" diagonal (approx what I measured) elite screen installed and a ceiling mount at about 15 feet. I looked up throw rate and projector would work at this distance. My question is about the ceiling mount. One installed is missing the arms that connects mount to the projector and I don't want to mess-up with ceiling (it is like furnished /fixed in there). Can someone identify this mount? I can buy the same mount new and use the parts needed for mounting without removing existing setup. Picture is attached. Thank you!



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Pretty standard cheap mount there. If there is no branding on it that you can see, you should be able to pull the white trim ring and see if there are any markings on the ceiling plate.

If you have no luck, you may need to get something new.

Really obnoxious that they pulled the old projector and didn't take off the universal mounting plate to leave on the wall for you to use with your projector. Makes that mount nearly worthless. Unless it was a Chief mount, which has been using the same standard mounting pattern for 20+ years on their RPA/RPM series of mounts.
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