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Topic: Rookie With Optoma Cinemax P1 SET UP HELP
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Hi Everyone, I really am excited about this new foray into the projection world.

So, I bought my first projector, the Optoma Cinemax P1 mostly because I really like the ease of use, and the idea of using the UST projector as my everyday TV, as well as movie night, etc... I do NOT game, so that was not an issue.

The room I have it in definitely is not one I can black out, but most of my "serious" tv watching is in the evening, anyway. I will want to be able to watch some weekend daytime sports, so that is a consideration.

The wall which I chose is approximately 7ft,5inch high, and 13ft wide, all white, with somewhat textured white drywall. I set up the Optoma on my old TV stand, which is about 20" high. I had to pull the projector a decent distance from the wall, and I now have a 100" screen, with the top border about 3 inches from the top of the wall.

I am already amazed at how good the picture is, especially at night. Compared to my 10 year old 1080p 65" flat screen, WOW!

I have a couple questions.

I really like the idea of not having a screen, but am not sure I can do anything with the textured wall with screen paint, or whatever it is called. The other option, obviously, is to buy a screen. How much does the screen quality really matter? I was shocked to see how expensive they can be! Can I get a decent screen for under $1K? Any suggestions? I have read that the ambient light rejecting tech is what I should be going this the case, or is it not really necessary and only would give minimal picture improvements?

Also, I think if I got a lower tv stand, I could get a full 120" size image. Any suggestions on stands to use that would place the projector at 8-10" off the ground and still look nice in the living room?

Any and all help and suggestions appreciated.

Thank you very much!!! Looking forward to learning all about this...
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This is the setup with screen at 100"

505 × 328 pixels (56.70 KB)
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The big thing with UST (ultra short throw) ALR (ambient light rejecting) screens is that they are designed to take light which comes from a severe angle below them, and reflect that outwards towards viewers in the room.

A normal 'white' screen, just scatters the light coming at it towards everyone. It improves image quality and does a great job making whites pop, but it will allow light to be lost towards the ceiling, which may be undersirable.

Before going to a 120" screen size, I would get something you can set the projector on and test it all out to be sure you are happy with the final setup ahead of actually making a permanent move towards that size and setup.

If you do decide to get a normal white screen, then those from Silver Ticket are designed to work with UST projectors just fine. While they are not ALR screens, their smooth white finish does a good job at scattering light and working well as a projection screen surface.

It's a perfectly fine entry level screen at $250 for 120" diaognal:

From there you get into ALR screens designed for UST, and those are a fair bit more expensive.
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