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Topic: Replacement of Mitsubishi WD2000
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We are considering replacing a Mitsubishi WD2000 for something with HDMI and wireless input options (like Airplay?). The projector is 15.5 feet from the screen (wall) and the screen size is 58"x104". Any suggestions?
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If you want a wireless connection, buy a professional wireless device and NEVER rely on a projector manufacturer to be a PC integration manufacturer.

Products like AppleTV are available for pretty unfriendly PC interfacing as are Chromecast devices. But, for professional wireless, you would want Barco's Clickshare or perhaps a Mersive Solstice which offer properly secured wireless connectivity. Be aware, that wireless does not offer full frame rate or resolution like a wired connection does.

This is the list I would pull from:<g=&ll=&wr=&dt=1.0.0&mfg=&p=500&p=3500&t=&pjl=0&pjw=0&pjh=0&exp4=1&td=15.5&is=119&i=d&tr=&tr2=&exp5=1&oop=1&sort=%24&sz=15#top

Specifically, this Epson jumps out at me as it is reasonably priced with a laser lamp instead of traditional lamps, so no lamps to replace in the future...
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