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Topic: Hi, I repair projectors and will answer questions!
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Its great to see more Projector Repair Specialist here , saving electronics is our 1st priorities.

Lets save the environment by repairing electronics .


4k Xiaomi UST laser projector repairs

800 × 517 pixels (87.46 KB)

4k Xiaomi Projector Repairs

800 × 517 pixels (87.46 KB)
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I recently purchased a Viewsonic PX747-4K projector for next to nothing. It will power on fine has a spectacular picture. The problem with the unit is that it will power on with no problem but the power key will not turn off the unit and several of the function keys do not work with the exception of the keystone adjustment keys and enter. I suspect a faulty keypad which i would like to replace. My problem is how to get the cover off this unit. I was able to remove the top panel and access the bulb but that is as far as I have got. It appears that the front and back panels will come off but the top and botton covers appear fused into one piece. I suspect that I have to remove the front cover and the entire assembly would just slide out.

If anyone has any experience working on one of the PX series from Viewsonic could give me some advice as to how to proceed I would appreciate any input.
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I really need some direction on this.

This projector blew the lamp. (exploded rather loudly)

I replaced the lamp, and I couldn't figure out why it wouldn't turn on... then I found that the little metal tab to the lamp access door switch had been blown off.

I snapped the switch back on and voilà, the lamp lights up;
for 30 seconds....

Then it shuts down.

Fans are working fine… It's not overheating.

I need advice on what to check...

I am thinking ballast. Any info you can give would be a blessing…

Do I need to buy an Oscope and check the power supply? Or can I just do a similar procedure like you (FixItFrank) did on your repair of the viewsonic 8500 series in the video you have on your channel?
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Hi Frank -
My first post and I am not particularly technical so please bear with me!Having been inspired by your amazing YouTube videos I am trying to fix my optoma UHD 30 myself. I was also inspired by the high prices quoted to me by optoma to attempt to fix what sounded like potentially a simple problem!

The projector is fairly new (500 lamp hours but out of warranty) but recently developed an annoying whining noise that starts up after about 15 minutes of use. The noise is not affected when I play a 3D signal all the test signal. I have cleaned the fans (which both fire up when I turn the projector on) and also tried stopping the fans physically and the noise was still there. I therefore concluded that the noise must be coming from the colour wheel.

I cleaned the colour wheel but the noise remained. I therefore decided to replace the colour wheel, which I have just done using a new Chinese import wheel. Incidentally, whilst the wheel and colour segment sizes look the same on both wheels, I have noticed that the actual colours are different on the new wheel (from memory I think that new wheel has no blue segment) - I presume it should still work anyway?

Having replaced the colour wheel I now have another problem. Now when I turn the projector on the lamp, fans and colour wheel start up initially but after about 30 seconds the lamp turns off and the main blower fan goes into idle mode- with a blue power light only showing on the control panel.

Any ideas gratefully received!


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Quote (AV_Integrated on Jan 18, 2020 4:46 PM):
Frank - I hope you are willing to make it a point to swing by here once every week or two and just peruse the new questions which have been asked. I was clued into your channel on YouTube recently and I'm not sure who else has spent any time at all breaking down projectors the way you have online and have been so outspoken about willing to help others get the parts they need for DiY repairs.

I agree completely that manufacturers don't seem to be on the right page with customer support in many ways, and I think your page is amazing as is the work you do.

You may find that I end up directing quite a few towards your channel in upcoming years as I really respect what you are doing and your level of expertise on the actual repair side is incredible.

Projector when off during a thunderstorm two red lights blinking three times repeatedly tried the remedies in the Manuel to no avail, none of the lights went out during the storm and no other electronics were affected.
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