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Topic: LED screen for advertisement
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Hello, I had previously posted here to get help with rear projection for a project and the mod suggested valuable information which helped a lot.
However, eventually I was suggested against it, for the project. So I've decided to go with outdoor LED screen.

Working time: Morning to Night
Screen size: 9m width*2m height
Distance from ground to screen bottom: 8m
Distance from screen to target audience: about 25-40m (to 80-100m)

So far, we've ruled out P5 and P6 for the low distance reach. I was suggested P8 or P10 for the good reach and cost as well. I could go higher but concerned with the screen's relative height to width ratio and mainly, the screen area size of 18 sqm - for the overall clarity.

Would P10 be perfect or should I go lower or higher for the said reach with a moderately good image clarity and cost? Or, what is the maximum view distance I can reach for 9*2m with good image quality?


Screen to target audience

1114 × 640 pixels (83.54 KB)
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So, this was a good read...

I would say that their claim of size in square meters determining pixel pitch (resolution) is bogus.

Resolution and viewing distance is what maters most. How far away from the image will you be at what resolution to get the most out of the image. Which, they do cover.
They suggest that with a 30m+ viewing distance that a 10mm pixel pitch (P10) is appropriate.

If you are closer than that and demand the best possible image, then P8 may be better.

From there, brightness shouldn't be an issue at either size as both are very much daytime viewable. This is the same type of technology used in Times Square NY and many other downtown locations. It's what is used at all the outdoor stadiums as well.

My personal experience with LED outdoor signage is non-existent. I've used it indoors on several occasions and then it is P1.6 or P1.2 that I have used. It's incredibly bright indoors and really not my favorite technology.

What is really lacking is the information on the technical aspects of these devices and displays. You almost always have to go directly to a manufacturer who is also often the installer and they will walk you through certain features of their product.

I think the real question is whether or not your budget allows you to get the product you want. LED video walls are expensive. The finer the resolution P8 over P10 for example, you will be paying for those extra LEDs and they will produce a finer image for when people are closer, but at 30+ meters, it doesn't sound like that extra resolution will matter.
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Hi, as an 8 years of experience led display expert. I have two solutions for your reference.

Solution 1: base on you have enough budget for this project.
For your size: 2M * 9M, on the second or third floor.
Distance from screen to target audience: <50M.

If you can remove the glass window. We recommend P4.0 over to P5.0 outdoor led screen is a suitable solution for you.

Why I don't recommend P8 or P10? that the reason:

First, the high of the screen is 2m, only have 192(P10.0)-240(P8.0) pixels, it's not enough, that's mean your advertisement picture is not clear for your target audience.
Second, the viewing distance(< 50m ), and the height of screen installation(second or third floor. maybe <20M). It's too close.

Solution 2: an affordable solution.

Solution 1 will cost more money, because you need to remove the glass window to install the outdoor led screen. In this solution, you can save a lot of labor costs. including install cost.

What my recommendation is: A P5 over to P6 transparent led display is also a great solution. A transparent led display is more cheaper than the normal outdoor led screen.
You don't remove the glass window, and it's very easy to install.

The most important thing is: this screen will no affect the sunlight, we can see a clean outdoor view from indoors.

That's all. hope it's useful for you.

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That was good information. Anyway, I got an old LED sign that was already pre-programmed. I'm planning to personalize this sign using an Arduino. I think this is just a bicolour display and there is no greyscale drivers, so what should I do? One of my friends has suggested seeing a professional
LED sign-making company from his previous experience. I think I need 3072 bit/frame aka 384 bytes for the frame buffer to draw anything inside, by an atmega384(UNO) and ATTinys. What is your opinion? Suggestions are invited.