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Topic: Who want the UST ALR motorized screen?drop down and floor rising.
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Of course, you can always opt for using a wall or a fixed-frame screen with the Ultra short throw ambient light rejecting screen material. But, if you absolutely have to use a retractable screen for room design reasons and don't have the budget for a good tensioned model, you also want to place the ultra-short-throw projector.

That will be good for your everyone knows there just the fixed frame screen with the UST ALR screen material to options before.

But now, here have the new options to you guys. so if you need it, pls comment . i will help you in time ; )

we have the pattern and exclusive for the floor rising motorized screen in CHINA.

So if you are looking for the motorized with the UST ALR screen material, you can contact me, we not only produce the motorized drop-down tensioned series but also the motorized rising floor-up tensioned screen.
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Instead of spamming the forums with a screen which hasn't received ANY reviews from credible websites and known experts in the industry, why not contact the site owners and send a demo model out for testing?

There is no word on pricing, availability, purchase points, or anything else with this model.

I would strongly advise that people avoid buying anything from a manufacturer that has zero real world reviews. A random guy in a YouTube video getting really excited about a product is not exactly a real world review, except for really gullible people.

If this product works, the manufacturer should get it out for serious reviews.

There is, at least, a reasonable website for the product. Not up to what DaLite, Draper, or Stewart put out, but reasonable.

Unfortunately, there's no obvious place to buy them from and I'm thinking this will have a pretty significant price tag to buy from a place that doesn't offer a very good return policy.
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