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Topic: selecting equiptment
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I have a room that is 22x 19 and want to create a home theater how do I chose the equipment?
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Most of all it starts with expectations and a reasonable budget along with research. A basic 5.1 surround system can start at just a few hundred dollars, but that is very entry level. To get good audio, you should go to stores and listen to different speakers and pick models and read reviews to make some decisions. Small speakers physically can't reproduce the sound of larger speakers, so don't expect any company that only deals with small speakers to properly represent quality in the theater market.

Ask on various audio specific forums about different models and what you are trying to achieve.

Remember, budget needs to meet the goals. If you set lofty goals, you need the appropriate budget to get there. Some people think spending $1,000 for their entire audio system is a lot. Others spend several thousand dollars per speaker. So, set realistic goals based upon a desired budget, not the other way around.
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