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I wanted to tell the story of how I put together a Theater on the cheap. I already have a TV based HT in the living room that I love and spent $1000's on. I wanted to get a PJ system for a number of reasons but the main 2 are so I can transform the experience of Bluray watching and light game playing, and I wanted to host backyard movies in the summer.
I knew I was asking a ton and as this was a total luxury I wanted to spend as little as possible now with the idea of upgrading pieces latter down the road.
Because this was going to be moved from a huge light controlled bedroom to the backyard on occasion I needed it to be simple with as few small parts as possible. But as I consider myself an enthusiast I couldn't justify low res projectors with a single Bluetooth speaker {easily the cheapest and easiest}.
I also like the idea of buying used over new whenever possible so I did a little looking around and was able to get everything from CL and all items were close to my house. Now I live in Chicago so we probably have a better shot of finding lots of options and prices so if this inspires someone to try what I did you will have your own unique experience.
here is my gear and the ridiculous price I paid.
1} Projector---InFocus Screenplay 5000 720p $60.

2} Sound-------Vizio S5451w-C2 5.1 sound bar w/wireless rear sats and sub $100.

3}Speaker stands for the rear channel satellites---$40.

4}Video Source----PS3 $60.

5)Indoor screen------Elite Cinema Series 85" ---$75.

6}Outdoor Screen-----White Painter's Canvas about 110"---$15.

as you can see the total cost paid was $350. and it took 2 months to find all the items. I looked up everything 1st for reviews and feature sets. I was amazed to see the original MSRP for the projector new was $3500. so Everything for 10% of the PJ cost new is I'd say pretty cheap!
The system is very portable with minimal cables due to the wireless sub/sat on the sound bar. And it is 54" long so I get descent separation from the 3 front channels and pretty good sound all the way.
The SP5000 has a lot of life on the bulb so I will have to order a new bulb (OEM never aftermarket} in a few months. That will add $175. to the total system cost but still at $550. I will be happy.
I am happy with the picture I get outside and really happy with it inside but will upgrade to 1080p when I see the CL prices come down to a realistic level. I will add a couple vids in a couple of days. Thanks for listening and if you can do the same or better let us know.
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