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Topic: Projecting background for theater.
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I am looking for a projection on the very back of a theater stage as background (forest, city, panoramas...) for theatrical plays. Also, there will be theatrical lights so projector needs to be capable of projecting very very close to the screen as well as having a lot of lumens.
I am talking about 10-15 meters wide, 2-3 meters hight and ideally 3 meters from screen.

Anyone can help?
Thank you very much in advance.
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Panasonic has some models which can do this nicely. Expect about $30,000 for this level of projection or more. Depending on the actual light output required and needs, it could be significantly more.

Short throw, large screen, front projection is a specialized product well outside the scope of anything 'cheap', and if the goal was just a few thousand dollars, then it's not achievable.

Something from this page: Venue

Plus their ultra short throw lens.

One of the few (only?) single chip DLP units which can use the lens is this one:

So, about $20,000 for their 'cheap' 10,000 lumen projector and another $5,500 or so for the lens.
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These posts are 4 years old and I would love an update. I know there are a lot of newer better less expensive UST projectors out there.

My application is similar but scaled down: I want to fill a 8.5' x 14' screen from about 8 feet away, floor mounted, for theatre. I bought an Epson BrightLink 536 classroom projector, which sort of fills the screen at that distance floor-mounted, but will not keystone correct far enough (vertically) to fit.

So I'm trying to understand why this projector may have a maximum screen size, why it doesn't just proportionally expand the image with distance. Or whether it's ceiling mount only, and I need to find a UST specifically intended for floor mount.