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Topic: Get a Quote - Authorized Dealers?
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I went through the "Get a Quote" section on Projector Central, in that I'm looking for some Home Theater Gear (Projector, Pre/Pro, Amps). I received a quote from Audio General Inc, which actually looks quite good.

But I'm concerned about possible warranty issues. For example, for JVC and Marantz, in looking on their websites for authorized dealers, this company is not listed. Apparently they may buy from an authorized distributor, and just hadn't gone through the process to be directly authorized, and still be ok, but I'm not certain.

I want to make sure gear from Marantz, JVC, Sony, etc. will have the warranty honored by the manufacturer if bought from this company.

Does anybody know the story here, in terms of quotes received from various vendors, and specifically Audio General - do these dealers qualify for the manufacturer's warranty? I'd hate to get a nice discount, but then be without a warranty.