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Topic: What's your take on these two audio package options off Amazon?
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I've chosen to go with the BenQ 2050 for my first projector... In the start of my first Home theater. Prob will get the Silver Ticket 120" diagonal 16:9 screen

Room specs: 18L by 13.5w by 7.5 height, controlled light.
-First sectional row will seat 9ft from screen, and theater seat row will be on a 7" platform, sitting around 16ft from the screen

The two links are from Amazon and are two option I'm looking at for an audio system. Which one is better, if both then could I go with the cheaper of the two and be ok? Also, for the price, is there something else I hould consider?

Thanks in advance for the input. Also, is my screen selection ok?
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I would swing over to a more audio specific forum such as Audioholics and do some research there. Your have a decent budget ($1,000ish) for audio, which is a great place to start and you can get some really solid recommendations. Stuff goes up for sale all the time which can be good.

This is one of my favorite sites to check out...

Amazon has some great stuff, there are also audio specific trading sites which can get you some great gear for bargain pricing.

Typically with audio, you really do get what you pay for and good speakers can last well over 10 years, so spending a bit more is often worth it.
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I have essentially that same set up. When I first listened to the Polk's, they were so good they almost made me cry. They were crisp, clear, and solid bass. I thought I had the sub turned on, but was shocked to find out I didn't. I bought all of my speakers as refurb's direct from Polk. An extremely good deal, with full warranties, that I have never had to use. I've owned my speakers for several years and have no inkling to want anything else.

I have the Denon 1911. Can't go wrong with that, and mine being a 2011 year model, it also passed a 3D signal! You can get one used for only $200.

The front left and right speakers are only $100 each, direct from Polk. The sub, a Polk PSW505 12", was on sale last week for only $150. I think my whole system, including receiver, can be put together today for $850.

I have the CS10 center, M40 surrounds, M30 for the backs. I love value, the most bang for the buck, this is without a doubt, a really good package.


LR- Polk M60's

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