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Topic: Redneck bedroom home theater
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After receiving recommendations on this forum I purchased the LG PF 1500 on Amazon. Since I got the recommendation from here I feel that the least I can do is showcase the almost final setup.
The setup is rather redneck for the simple reason that I'm a cheap bastard that isn't afraid of getting his hands dirty.
Along with the projector I ordered a cheap 30ft HDMI cable and a dirt cheap CCTV Ceiling mount bracket that amazon suggested.

To avoid having the power brick on the middle of the wall I cut the DC end of the power brick and spliced in a extension. The easier way would have been to purchase a DC extension cord but again... I'm a cheap bastard.
Was more hassle than I anticipated since the cable was coaxial.
I also cut of the power plug on the AC side since I'm in Europe and purchased a US model.

I wouldn't recommend the dirt cheap CCTV ceiling mount bracket since it's a pain in the [censored] to adjust and it isn't white even though it is labeled as such(more of a beige white) but for mere 6 bucks you can't ask for much more than that.

The HDMI cable is connected to a confuser where I store/stream my media from although to my surprise you can stream movies wireless using the SMARTSHARE feature.

Image is projected on a white painted wall. Hasn't been painted or smoothed out yet but even so more than sufficient image quality.

Audio jack is then plugged into a Pioneer amplifier that's between 20-25 years old.

Haven't tried out to install any apps, suppose it would be a hassle to get it working since i'm using a US model in Iceland and I don't see the point in installing them since I got it connected to a confuser anyways.

Fan noise is bearable on the lower two settings. Since the room rather low ambient light that's more than sufficient as long as the sun isn't rising(won't be a problem for the next few months).
But would still like to see a projector that would sacrifice the portability for some large diameter low RPM fans at this price point. But then again, I'm obsessed about noise.

P.S. I don't get the negative reviews that the magic remote is getting. I think it works just fine although I don't use it for much more than to power on and volume control.(Again only connected to a confuser).
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I like the setup. This is a nice way to do things when you just want a big image and you aren't overly concerned with the rest. Certainly a DiY screen or perhaps a Silver Ticket screen (Amazon) would be a solid upgrade. As you've found, the mount is a bit lacking. But, for a budget setup, which will just run for years and years, it looks great.

I'm not a huge fan of the remote, but to each their own. If you were to try to program that as part of a universal remote, it would be a headache, and the lack of backlighting is kind of a pain, but once the projector is on and playing something, it's not like you are using the remote much.
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