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Topic: Living Room Home Theater
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150" Elite Screens Electric Projection Screen
BenQ W1070
IKEA BESTÃ… Entertainment Center
RCA Soundbar*

Coming soon:
Onkyo TX-NR646 7.2-Channel Network A/V Receiver
2x Polk TSi400 (Front Speakers)
1x Polk Audio CS2 Series II (Center Channel) Speaker
4x Polk Monitor-45B (2 Side and 2 Rear)
Polk DSWPRO 550wi Subwoofer

Currently I have a Playstation 4 (rarely used for gaming)
Also, as a PC Enthusiast I have an office behind my living room. I ran a 4th HDMI cable to make the projector a 4th monitor (Had 3 Prior) so I could game in true 1080p, (also can do 1440p and 1800p thanks to AMD VSR)
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Living Room

960 × 540 pixels (45.84 KB)


960 × 540 pixels (64.53 KB)


960 × 720 pixels (89.58 KB)


960 × 720 pixels (92.78 KB)