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Topic: Have you ever used wireless AV transmitter & receiver?
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How many of you think wireless AV transmitter & receiver work? I heard that people use them to transmit AV signals of DVD, DVR, CCD camera, IPTV, satellite STB, digital TV STB and other similar devices. They can really as replacements of STB? I don't know whether its function of transmit AV signals is good. Any of you have using experience?


Wireless AV Transmitter & Receiver

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How many THINK they work?


Wireless HDMI transmitter/receivers act like HDMI cables, without wires. They are all over Amazon, they have reviews.

People don't 'think' they work. Quality units actually work, but they will probably cost more than the $50 projector you are after.

They do NOT replace STBs. That's like saying "You see that chair over there... That'll replace your car." It's not at all correct.
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