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Topic: Noob First HT
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My first HT project, Had a big basement 1300sqft that looked right out of the 70's, that needed to remodel and refresh. So built an office, extra bedroom and a HT (still under construction)
BenQ W1070 Projector as advised by AV_Integrated of this forum! (Thanks again)
Custom 122" DIY Screen 107.5" X 61" X 3/4" MDF painted with Sherwin-Williams paint as advised in the Painting the Perfect Screen for $100
Sony Surround Sound
JVC Speakers and Sub woofer
The room it's self will be the HT + Bar + Pool table

Note: The screen images were displayed on primed sheetrock, No calibration had been done yet!

Work in progress and will follow up with more pics, Thanks Everyone for all the great info on the forum and projector central site!

Okay I finished the HT lash march and have been enjoying my area so much haven't updated you folks so here are some updated finished pics.
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What I did to my ugly support post

720 × 960 pixels (68.03 KB)

Pool table area and Bar

960 × 720 pixels (82.62 KB)

Winery to the right of screen

960 × 720 pixels (78.14 KB)


960 × 720 pixels (68.52 KB)


720 × 960 pixels (95.06 KB)

70s style...

384 × 288 pixels (96.27 KB)

Before Stairs coming down into area

261 × 196 pixels (52.69 KB)

Wiring the Dimmable LED Lighting

196 × 261 pixels (44.87 KB)

Wiring the Network Panel

261 × 196 pixels (48.78 KB)

Testing Bar layout and lighting

261 × 196 pixels (40.06 KB)

Screen area will be the blue taped space

261 × 196 pixels (31.18 KB)

Getting Rock up

261 × 196 pixels (34.88 KB)

Getting Texture up

1306 × 979 pixels (178.93 KB)

Projector arrived

2068 × 1502 pixels (189.35 KB)

gotta test :)

326 × 245 pixels (16.29 KB)

Still Testing

261 × 196 pixels (8.45 KB)
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So detailed, thank you for your sharing. I love the style. I also want to have one like yours.
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Thats a cool room! I like the idea that you have a bar and a Pool Table in there as well. Impressive that there stil is enough space to create a real theater feeling. Oh and I love the stairs they look awesome!