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Topic: First Projector Setup
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So with help from you guys ( ) I have gathered together and set up my new projector room here in my apartment.

The end product I am really happy about, the screen ended up being about 110" with 5.1 Surround Sound.

At the moment I have some cable management issues, I was thinking a little molding to go up the corner of the walls to hide them. Across the top I may do the same, alternatively I may decide to run some rope light up there such that I can have some mood lighting in this room when I need it. Or I may end up doing both. That will come with time though.

Thanks for the help, myself and the girlfriend love it.
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Items plugged into the Projector

612 × 816 pixels (180.84 KB)


816 × 612 pixels (189.06 KB)

Rear Speakers

816 × 612 pixels (173.69 KB)


816 × 612 pixels (188.71 KB)
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That's a great looking setup. Congrats on getting it all put together.

Is this your place or are you renting? If this is your place, I will spend some time talking you into taking it a step or two further, if not, then you are limited by the rental agreement.
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Sorry for the delay, this is a rental so I am quite limited by what I can do. I ran some J-Channel house siding along my ceiling to hide the wires.

On the downside though, I dont know why but this morning everything worked fine, and now my Projector will not detect the HDMI source, nor will my receiver output one. (I can get a signal from PC to TV, but not from PC -> Reciever -> TV, or PC -> Proj)

I don't have any idea what happened... but its driving me nuts.