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Topic: UST for big screen
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hello all!
I am looking for an advice and I hope someone has the experience or possibility to try my scenario:
I need a big screen around 5 meters diagonal (16') from shortest distance possible -> an UST projector.

The problem is when I was looking for a decent projector most of them have in specifications maximal screen size around 100". What does this mean?
Does it mean, that I won't be able to focus the image if I move the projector further from the wall? Or why is this limitation in the specifications?

I have found a decent model which according to specs allows bigger screen: Benq MW870UST (circa 1200$), but it is not sold in Europe .

Can I use any other UST and disregard the maximum screen size specification and just install the projector far enough to get the big screen? Or I need to find and use only a projector which declares the big screen (circa 16') in specifications?

I need a projector which is: easy to carry - 5kg max, has compact shape, around 3000Lumens, throw ratio around 0.3, budget around 1000$.

Thank you for your advices and tips!!

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Two issues.

1. Short throw projectors have lousy optics and don't work well on larger sizes due to the optics. Some have come up with better solutions to the optics and look a bit better and can properly focus at larger sizes, but they are far fewer than those others. This is because they are mostly designed for whiteboards in the classroom.

2. Image brightness will not be usable at that size except in a darkened room. That size is far larger than standard and works out to over a 100 square foot screen. In a normal boardroom, at that size, the minimum requirement would be a 8,000 lumen projector for acceptable results. So, this setup must be in a darkened space.

Once again, this is all because you want to use a product outside of the scope it was designed for.
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Hello AV_Integrated,
thank you for your comments! Fortunately, both issues aren't a big constraints to my project - the projection material will be simple graphics and thus the quality of the optics is not crucial. The room can be darkened as this setup should be used in a dance studio.
I put my post to this section because I hoped I would find people with UST projector experience here. Maybe it should be placed elsewhere since the projector won't be used in a classroom. Sorry about that.

What do you think about mentioned Benq MW870UST/MW860USTi? Of course it won't be the best you can buy quality but it is the only one projector I found which allows big screen and has a compact shape (unlike MW851UST and similar).

Unfortunately I don't have experience with UST projectors, so please could you confirm the basic theory? If I have 2 projectors: one is UST (projection ratio 0.3), second one is normal (projection ratio 1.5-2). Both have same luminosity, let's say 3000lumen. Will the amount of light (brightness of the image) be the same if the image size is the same? The distance from the projection plane will be different of course.

Thank you for your opinion!