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Topic: Virtual reality Projectors
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Hi All,

this is my first post ever here after 10 days of struggling to find a projector that fits my needs.

I'm designing a CAVE System (virtual reality, 3 walls+floor) BUT (that's my suffering) i have tough space constraints that are driving me mad.

Given that I will have anyway to use a mirror system (i've been dealing with short throw projectors already and i don't think they fit in this case), that's what i'm looking for, maybe someone knows a projector that might fit in for my needs (i have to buy 8 of them for a 4 walls passive stereo, so even if the budget is not a real problem, i'd like to try to stay in between 5000 and 10000 euros for each projector, no more).

I need to obtain an image more or less 2 m in height. I need a 4:3 ratio (therefore more or less 2.7 in length) and a resolution of at least (possibly even more) 1600x1200 if i want to avoid using 4 pairs of projectors per screen (that would be definitely overkill).
I need to go for DLP projectors for polarization reasons and, the thing that is killing me, i have to try to stay in a throw range in between 4 and 4.5 m (4 would be ideal so i don't have to go for some crazy double mirrors system).

Was anybody dealing with such a problematic system and might give some hint or point me at some projectors that might fit in? If so you'd probably save me from going mad in the next days!

Thanks in advance for your time,
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