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Topic: Large Smart board (active board) Suggestions Please.
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Dear All,

I am in search of a good quality smart-board for the teaching purposes:

Should ideally meat these requirements:

Must come with its own projector(short throw) and bracket
96" or larger screen size
Must not be limited to specific programs (should work on everything)
Should be on a stand not wall mounted ( Idealy on roller wheels)

I prefer glitch free items that you know it works well, and the projector must work just as well on its own.

The classrooms are pretty bright therefore the lumens must be pretty high too.

Your suggestions are highly appreciated.
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Promethean makes a nice product...

It is available up to a 95" diagonal. Keep in mind that if you get much larger than that many users will not actually be able to touch where they need to on the board to operate it.

Even the Smart Technologies interactive whiteboard is limited in size to (it looks like) 85" diagonal in their widescreen version, which is a testament to how size limited this product really tends to be.

These are all designed for use in a typical classroom environment, so the included projectors work just fine in normal fluorescent lighting.

Many manufacturers will demo their product first hand if this is part of a large installation with 100+ boards to be ordered. If you just need a one-off purchase, then you will have to do the legwork yourself and call the various dealers to see if there is a place you can see a demo first hand.
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Do not buy a Promethean before seeing one in action.

I've installed a few this week. (sold by an other company to my client)

The image is really not good at all.

I would say that your best bet is the smartboard.

I have also used the Hitachi CP-AW2519WN. The projector itself is interactive and works very well.

Image is also of very good quality.

don't forget that it's not necessary to have a HUGE screen because you need to be able to touch all corners of the screen. I'm pretty sure smart does not go over 85'' diag. because they know it's just now worth it. You need to be able to press and reach that red X in the top right corner! :-)
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