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Topic: Large-scale Outdoor projectors
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Hi all,

I would like to know any info about outdoor projectors. I am trying to figure out which one is better: a usual outdoor slide projector for advertising (large scale image) or video projector that performs qualified videos.
If I am not mistaken, the problem of video projectors is the working distance (between the wall and projector) that reaches max 30 m. More over, it's hardly working in cold temperature. Is all that true?
Would be very appreciated for your advices and comments. Thank you in advance. Have a good day.


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Projectors are electronics, which aren't designed for all environmental use. They may be used at nighttime exclusively and the darker the space the better. A slide projector will be significantly less money, but I have no idea what size they can reach without a lamp system which would scorch the slide.

Your size is reaching close to 100 feet or so wide. With a 16:9 aspect ratio that's over 5,000 square feet of screen. In a theater, that's larger than a typical IMAX theater, and will require a projector running upwards of $100,000 for even marginal results. I would think 50,000+ lumens of output are required at the low end.

Generally outdoor digital signage on the large scale is done with LED displays like you see in Times Square, or at outdoor baseball/football stadiums. It is the proper medium for that type of advertising.
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I've seen a lot of outdoor displays being projected from a projector right behind a window from inside a building. This eliminates all the environmental issues. Is this something that you can do?
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Putting the projector inside would protect it. But the window might distort the image a little and you would still most likely need a projector like the one AV_Integrated is talking about.
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Better to use slide projectors You can advertise in a more tricky and powerful way. Video projectors can cause some problem such as sound and image distortion due to the environmental factors. Anyway its good to take advice from others also.