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Topic: I managed a Backyard Home Theater with a mini projector
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I was pretty surprised that this actually worked. I have a pico projector at home and I wanted to try and make a backyard theater using it.

I managed to get a 112 inch video going. I used the side of my house as a screen but it works because it was painted white.

The aaxa p4x is rated at 80 lumens so for this to work outside I was pretty amazed given all the 2,000+ lumen projectors out there. It just goes to show you anything is possible.
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Breaking Bad on my house

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projector and accessories

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It always suprises me how many first time posters come into this forum (and others) and rave about the AAXA projectors on their first post. They have photos of the projector, and always mention the model number and everything.

I would love for AAXA to send more product out for review and I would like the reviewers to be clear about the real world size expectations that people should expect from the projector.

Maybe this is a real person and a real experience... But, it sure would be nice to get a lot more photos of the image that the projector produced with the projector in the foreground and everything.

I don't think people need 2,000 lumens, but since THX asks for about 13-17 lumens per square foot of screen space, a fully cranked 80 lumen projector works out to about 5-7 square feet of screen for acceptable viewing. That works out to about a 46" diagonal for 13 lumens...

At over about 102" this projector will put up about 2 lumens per square foot.

There is a series of 500 lumen projectors using LED which some people may have decent results with...

But, if you are having some fun results with yours, then it would be great to get more photos of the setup and the image that you are getting.
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I definitely agree that the projector I was using isn't the most optimal for a giant screen like that. I honestly was just having fun with it, because I was surprised it was still so watchable at that size.

As for my set-up, nothing more than an HDMI cable connected to a laptop. This other photo didnt turn out so great but that's my gf lying on the grass and you can see the laptop as part of the set up.



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