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Topic: Help on my 3D projector project
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hanks for all the information you have provided for me, am going to buy Optoma HD33 projector and active shutter glasses, but i need to know what other device i need to get because i want to be playing the 3D movies from my laptop. please i need more advise in other to get accurate 3D. i already downloaded some 3D movies, like Hgo 3D Puss in Boat3D.
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Not sure what your question is.

Connect your PC to the projector and using 3D playback software on the PC and a standard HDMI connection to the projector, play back the video.

You will probably be sending side-by-side 3D, which means you will have to switch the projector manually to side-by-side (SBS) 3D mode.

Beyond this, just the 3D glasses, a dark room, and a screen are all that are necessary.
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